Power Monitoring and Protection
AMC Series Programmable Power Meter
ASCB series Smart Circuit Breaker
WHD Series Temperature and Humidity Controller
ARTM Series Wireless Temperature Monitor
ARTU Series Remote Terminal Unit
ARD Series Motor Protection Controller
ASL Series Smart Lighting Control Module
AM Series Middle Voltage Protection Relay
ASJ Series Residual Current Relay
Energy Management
APM Series Panel Multifunction Energy Meter
ADW Series IoT Power Meter
Single Phase Energy Meter
Three Phase Energy Meter
ADL Series Prepaid Energy Meter
ADF Series Multi-circuits Energy Meter
ACR10R-D Series PV/Solar Inverter Energy Meter
AGF-AE Series PV/Solar Inverter Energy Meter
AC Energy Meter
DC Energy Meter
AEW100 Series Wireless Energy Meter
Power Sensor
AKH-0.66 Low voltage Current Transformer
AHKC Series Hall Effect Current Sensor
BR Series Rogowski Coll Current Transducer
BA Series Electrical Transducer
BD Series Electrical Transducer
BM Series Analog Signal Isolator
Current/Voltage/ Power transducer
Data Center/Tower/Base Station
AMC Series Data Center Monitor Module
AMC Series Multi-Circuits DC Energy Meter
AMB Series Data Center Busway Monitoring Module
Smart Gateway
AWT100 Series Wireless Communication Terminal
ANet Series Smart Gateway
Isolated Power Distribution
Medical IT Isolated Power System
Industrial IT isolated Power System
Charging pile
Power Quality
ANSVG Static Var Generator
APView Power Analyzer
Active Power Filter
Batterry Monitoring system