Medical IT system insulation monitoring device and fault location system is suitable for hospital operating room, ICU (CCU) and other important places, and can provide a safe place for such continuous, reliable power solutions.
Main Functions
Primary connection diagram and field distribution display
Real-time data acquisition and display
Fault Alarm
Remote parameter setting and inquiry
Product Selection
AIM-M200 Medical Intelligent Insulation Monitor

● Insulation monitoring for medical IT systems

● Load and temperature monitoring of isolation transformer

● Device disconnection monitoring

● LED indicators: On, Insulation, Overload, Overtemp

● Alarm relay output

● Insulation fault location


AID150 Alarm and Display Device

● Remote monitoring

● LED indicators:On, Insulation, Overload, Overtemp

● Mute button

● Test button

● Auxiliary power supply: DC24V


ASG150 Signal Generator

● Generating Fault Location Signal

● Detection of L1 and L2 disconnection

● LED indicators: On, Comm, Test

● CAN bus

● Auxiliary power supply: DC24V

ACLP10-24 Auxiliary Power Supply

●  Auxiliary power supply to AID series

●  AC 220V input, DC 24V output

●  Completely Isolated Linear Transformer

●  Power-on indicator

AIL150-4/-8 Insulation Fault Locator

● Insulation fault location in AC IT systems

● AIL150-4: 4 measuring channels

● AIL150-8: 8 measuring channels

● LED indicators: On, Comm

● CAN bus

● Auxiliary power supply: DC24V

AKH-0.66P26 Protective Current Sensor

● Matching with AIM-M Series Insulation Monitor

● Maximum Current: 50A

● Transformation ratio: 2000:1

AITR Series Medical isolation transformer

● Isolating transformers for medical IT systems

●Double insulation treatment, Electrostatic shielding layer

● PT100 temperature sensor

● Rated power: 3.15…10KVA

● CE